Explorers: The Early Years

This website is a website that was created by a fourth grade teacher. The website consists of many of the early explorers that played a large role in early exploration of the world. On the right hand side of the page there is a list of explorers names. Each one is hyperlinked to another page that takes the students to each explorers own personal page. Each page gives information about that particular person. It shows a picture, when they explored, why they were exploring, and a brief summary of the explorations they took. I found this website to be very useful for students when they are trying to keep all of the explorers straight, after they have already learned about them. This is a website they can use to go back and look at the information to refresh their memory or to search other things if they are particularly interested in a particular explorer. I think that this is something I would do for my own class to make sure that they have all of the necessary information that I would want them to know and take away from this lesson.



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