The Virtual American Revolution

April 26, 2017

This website is an interactive picture tour of the American Revolution. Throughout this website there are virtual tours of events that happened throughout the American Revolutionary War. Some of the tours include major events such as the Boston Tea Party and the Boston massacre, while others focus on individual people that play a role during the war.  Teachers can use this website as a tool to provide background information for students. An activity that this website would be good for is a virtual scavenger hunt. This website is perfect for fourth and fifth graders and will get them excited about the Revolutionary War.

Global Warming and Climate Change

April 25, 2017

I found this interesting project for global warming and climate change on TeachersPayTeachers, which is a resource that I love because it benefits teachers. The project would be completed over time. It asks students questions such as “what is a gulf stream” and has them identify what happened in specific events that tie in with climate change. The last question allows them to explain what they learned by asking them what they could do to help stop or be apart of the help to eventually end global warming. Click here for the link!

NASA’s Climate Kids

April 25, 2017

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has a website dedicated to teaching kids about different aspects of climate. They have fun activities such as making an Ocean Ecosystem. They also have photo galleries of different plants and animals, air, and oceans, to name a few. The website also contains videos for students to watch as well as different online games for them to play. The website would be a fun source for the students to look at after finishing the work for their daily lesson or something interesting for them to look at home. Click here to be directed to the website!

Force & Motion Activities

April 25, 2017

I found a list of 19 ideas and resources for a unit on force and motion. A majority of the activities are more appropriate to be taught as an intro or mini lesson for the day (unless you are teaching a younger grade, than this would take a longer time to explain). I would demonstrate the activity and explain what the different parts of the fun activity represent.  Click here to find the 19 ideas and resources that you can bring into your own classroom!

Main Idea Kit

April 25, 2017

As a current student and a future educator, I have found that not only do students sometimes struggle with figuring out what the main idea is and what their author wants them to take away from their writing. I found this main idea set that has 5 activities for science and social students and also contains many tools such as posters for the teacher to use to explain the concept of man idea. This teacher on TeachersPayTeachers has sets that cover multiple topics within science and social studies, which I enjoy. Click here for the link.

Discover Map – Social Studies

April 8, 2017

In a previous post, I shared a Discover Map for science. I now also found a very useful one for World History that can be accessed here. This map was found on the website called This map offers about 40 different branches of information about World History to further students learning. For example, I clicked on the branch labeled “Ancient China” and I was brought to more information about the war including: legacies, society, the Great Wall, Chinese New year, and much more. This website would be great to use as an introduction to a lesson or something students can explore during free time about a topic that interests them.

State Brochure

April 8, 2017

Making state brochures in Social Studies is an activity I did when I was in Elementary School. On a blog called The Inspired Classroom, I found a post about this activity. The blog post can be accessed here. This project allows students to be creative while studying a specific state. The teacher can make a list of requirements for their brochure. The teacher can laminate them and keep them in the classroom for students to share with one another.