Revolutionary War

This website is part of a teacher’s webpage, Mrs. Perryman.  In this section of her website she has resources for the Revolutionary War. This page has resources on the causes of the revolution, growth in conflict, beginning of the war, declaring independence, and the war continues. This page also includes flashcards on the causes of the revolution which would be great to have students test their knowledge on things like the Stamp Act, Tea Act, French and Indian War, and more. This is also a report on perspectives from history. This is a great project because it differentiates to different types of researchers and learners. For example if a student is more of a creative person then they can do a project on creating a propaganda poster and if a student is more of a writer, they can do a propaganda writing.

This page on Revolutionary War can be used to learn about all the stages of the war. There are a lot of videos and some timelines to go along with the information to help students that are more visual learners. Sources used are from some credible places like the History Channel. This could be used to aid with teaching the this topic in 4th or 5th grade. There is a lot of information provided so that students can see dates, people, stages, and more. They can learn more than ever before.


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