Climate Change Quizzes

This online resource presented by NASA is excellent for both teachers of science and teachers of social studies.  On this webpage, NASA provides many quizzes dealing with the various topics that affect, or are an outcome of, global climate change.  Some of the various quizzes include the following: “Soil moisture”, “The Ocean”, “Clouds and Aerosols”, “The Air We Breathe”, “Carbon”, “Our Home Planet”, “Frozen Poles”, “Precipitation and the Water Cycle”, “Our World, Other Worlds”, “Warm Up”, “Freeze Frames”, “Sea Change”, “How’s Your Energy Level”, “Sea Salt”, and “Its Gas.”  One way in which a teacher may use these quizzes as a resource would be to assign one of these quizzes for students to take in order to check for understanding.  Another way in which a teacher may use this resource in the classroom would be to take specific questions from various quizzes in order to create a unit test on global climate change.


This resource can be found here.


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