Immigration, Any Small Goodness, and Integrated Social Studies

In the article, authors Michelle Bauml, Sherry L. Field, and Mary Ledbetter discuss the importance of integrating language arts and social studies. In the classroom example provided, units on immigration allow students to develop their own ideas based on their past and their present, resources such as primary resources, current events, technology, literature, and dramatic simulations provide students with rich experiences where there are “no wrong answers.” By integrating these two content areas, students are able to empathize with people, in circumstances which may be different than their own and build foundations as “integrated thinkers” who are able to actively and capably participate in today’s multicultural democracy. This article is a useful resource for teachers because it provides a real life example of creating a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, especially those who come from different cultural backgrounds. This article also provides strategies and explains the importance of integrating social students and language arts, as it provides students with more opportunities to become successful learners.

Keywords: immigration, cultural differences, social studies, language arts, integration, current events, KWL


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