How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps


This article was recently published by The New York Times and it calls attention to the overwhelming amount of Americans who do not believe that climate change will affect them personally. While most Americans do hold the belief that climate change is a real thing that is happening in our world, the majority of them are not convinced that climate change will have a direct impact on them. The article includes six colorful graphics that depict how different parts of the United States tend to think about various aspects of climate change (such as CO2 limits in power plants, whether or not climate change has direct impacts, and how much climate change is discussed overall). I believe this article gives students a wonderful overview of how other people in their country think about climate change and they can compare the mindset of where they live to other parts of the country. It may also inspire students to start speaking up about climate change and make them more aware of this serious issue. This article is ideal for students in 6th grade and beyond.


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