Uncovering Immigrants’ Stories: It All Begins With Picture Books

In the article, authors Andrea S. Libresco, Jeannette Balantic, and Jonie C. Kipling discuss the importance of picture books during social studies and how picture books focusing on immigration help students better understand key points and themes. This article is a useful resource for teachers because it shares strategies and activities for teachers to implement in the classroom; such as a gallery walk, which promotes students’ deeper level thinking, engagement, and movement around the classroom. This resource also enables teachers to incorporate different content areas into one. For instance, this social studies lesson incorporates both reading and writing, as well as promoting collaboration between students through an oral history interview and discussion. Using picture books to teach about history does not only enrich students’ listening and comprehension skills, but also allows to the learning and acceptance of different cultures around the world throughout all grade levels and a variety of topics.

Keywords: social studies, immigration, picture books, gallery walk, oral history, interview, discussion, history




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