What Do You See?

In the article, authors Julianne Maner Coleman and Jenice Goldston discuss the importance of visual literacy and science inquiry, and how both aspects go hand in hand. Students first took a look at a cutaway diagram of a plant cell, including its organelles and their function, as the teacher asked probing questions. The teacher then had students compare and contrast the differences of what the cell looked like under the microscope compared to the cutaway diagram. By doing so and asking higher level questions, the teacher strengthened the students’ observation abilities when it comes to inquiry, as she involved both visual literacy and microscopes. This article is a useful resource for teachers because it does not only give a real  life example how to implement visual literacy into inquiry based tasks, but also emphasizes the importance of developing visual literacy skills in students as it enables them to critically interpret and communicate information observed through science experiments. The question framework presented also offers teachers a way to improve students’ knowledge of using visual literacy in science inquiry.

Keywords: plant, cell, structure, function, inquiry, microscopes, cutaway diagram, questioning, visual literacy


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