True Stories of the Revolutionary War

True Stories of the Revolutionary War by Elizabeth Raum and illustrations by Pat Kinsella is an informational text, but it is different than the textbook type informational text because it is not just giving the reader facts. This book is great because it will help students remember the dates. When the book is opened dates, there are listed right in the front. Important dates like the beginning of battles of Lexington and Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill, the formation of the Declaration of Independence, when the British declare an end to the war, and more. If the reader ever needs to know a date, it will be right there. For the rest of the book, it is written as a comic book. This is a great way to have the students learn about the topic because it is not just having the students read paragraphs of information. A story line will help students follow along the event a lot easier. The narration of the book comes from different points of view. Some of the main characters are men and some are women. It is great to have different gender points of view so that people can see all sides of the war. The men were on the war front, but the women were on the home front. Towards the end of the book there is a section that described the women’s role in the war. Throughout the book, there are vocabulary words mentioned which helps children reading the book understand the important terms in relation to the Revolutionary War such as redcoats and loyalists. If there is a word that readers do not know, the glossary in the back of the book organizes all the words present in the text. In the back of the book, there is also a read more section. In this section is a list of texts that readers can read next if they want to know more. Also there is a site for students to practice what they learned in this book.

I would definitely use this book in my future classroom because it is very easy to read and would present my students with a lot of material that they should know about the Revolutionary War. It is a great because it is not the textbook source that they are use to reading. This text tells a story of the war, not just throwing facts at the readers. Also because the book has a companion website where students can further their practice, the book has more use. I would probably use this to introduce the topic of the war.

Raum, Elizabeth, and Pat Kinsella. True Stories of the Revolutionary War. Mankato, MN: Capstone, 2013. Print.


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