What Are the Earth’s Heating and Cooling Mechanisms?

This article discusses the issue of global warming and climate change through the lens of the mechanisms inside of the Earth that are involved.  The article  compares the heating and cooling mechanisms of the Earth to a model of heating and cooling mechanisms one can find in their home in order to solidify the learning experience.  For example, the Earth’s process of regulating its temperature is modeled using a room in a home containing a furnace and open windows working as a system to regulate the temperature in the room.  Also, the article uses the model of shining a flashlight with an incandescent bulb through a glass of water to understand the effects of greenhouse effect.  However, the author stresses that the Earth is a complicated system and it cannot be completely explained with simple models found in your home; but, the simple models described in the article provide one with a basic understanding of how the Earth’s heating and cooling mechanisms work.

The article can be found here.

Robertson, Bill. (2015, October). What Are the Earth’s Heating and Cooling Mechanisms? Science and Children.


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