USA States Learning Games

Learn the USA States

Can you name all 50 states, yes? Can you tell me 3 interesting facts for each state, no? Click the link above and I am sure you will be able to soon! This website gives you many different games based on each state. Since there are many different games this is a great way for differentiating your lessons. These games are great tools to use at the end of your lesson or just a simple game to play with your students. The games will allow the students to have fun, but still learning. Something else that is also great about this website is that if you wished you could make a lesson plan from the information on the games. The games would also be a great tool to have parents interact with their children outside of school. Parents could play these games to see how much information their children can recall. This would be a reassurance for the parents and teacher that the student is understanding the information they are learning in school.


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