Teaching Middle-Schoolers Climate Change Without Terrifying Them


This article talks about a middle school teacher from Florida who wanted to make a difference in how she taught her students about climate change. The article revealed that most teachers spend less than two hours teaching climate change each year. The article emphasized that teaching climate change to students can be very difficult as it is so relevant to their lives and may negatively effect their futures. The teacher in the article had her students engage in a variety of activities to improve the way their school impacted the environment. In addition, she encouraged students to not only pay attention to how they may be affected by climate change but also how their community may be affected as a whole.

I found this article to be very useful because it provided ideas for activities that can teach students about climate change in an engaging and meaningful way. Although the article is geared towards middle school, the activities could easily be implemented into elementary or high school settings as well. It also depicted the real impact that real students can make when it comes to improving the environment. The difference the students make depends on the instruction they receive and how the teacher presents the issue to them. It is very inspiring and would be helpful for any teacher that is struggling to teach climate change.


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