Designing Improved Innovation

This website is a useful resource for upper level classrooms to enhance exploration and hands on learning. Designing Improved Innovation shows different hands on learning opportunities that are low cost. Some of these activities and experiments have taken place in diverse locations, such as a school in the Himalayas. An example of one of the activities is making a mini fire extinguisher. Students will get the chance to understand how a fire extinguisher functions and what materials are used to cause such a reaction. The website is a great way to enhance learning and have children get involved. There are many different videos posted that provide a description of each activity. The best part is that the materials used are cheap and accessible which are two words every teacher loves to hear! Most importantly they are fun and interactive. This would work best in small group instruction and would be a great way to foster learning in advanced student. This can also be done with a wide range of students, however, extended guidance may be needed to support learning.


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