Microscope Parts and Functions

In the video, students explicitly identify the different parts of a microscope and the function of each part. They then go on to explain how to use the microscope and the procedure to view a specimen. I find this video a useful resource to teachers because it does not only explain the makeup of a microscope, but shows you what each part looks like and what they do. Sometimes as teachers, it is hard to remember how to use tools that have not been recently utilized. By viewing this video, teachers will be refreshed on the different parts of a microscope, what they do, and how to view a specimen. After watching this video, I feel comfortable enough to step into a classroom to teach students the parts and their function. I think showing this video to students would also be useful in teaching about the microscope as they can see the different parts and their functions and put them to use in the classroom.

Keywords: microscope, parts, functions, lenses, stage, eyepiece, high power, low power, procedure


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