Landforms! Crash Course Kids


Crash Course Kids is a great YouTube channel that tells children all about different school subjects and topics. Compared to the Crash Course, the kids channel is tailored more to children by using more graphics and having more kid friendly language. There are also many transitions to move the kids smoothly from one topic to another, the narrator is very enthusiastic, and at the end there is a short review. This video’s topic is landforms. The video starts by explaining that there are man-made landforms and there are also ones that are made in nature like volcanoes and mountains. It focuses more on the natural ones. The narrator continues by saying that erosion and weathering by water and wind reshape what the land looks like. The narrator tells all about the different landforms, like plateaus, mountains, volcanoes, and deserts, and how they are formed. I learned a lot about landforms from this video, even types of landforms I did not know existed. Its a great way to explain the topic to students in a way that is not on a scholarly level. This video would be great to use either as a review or as an introduction to a lesson. This video would be great to use in either 4th or 5th grade.


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