Kids Health- Website about Body Parts

This resource is one to help students learn the body parts. Kids Health  is a website that provides short videos for each of the body parts to describe their purpose in the body. For example, there is a video of about five minutes that provides students with an overview of the eye and what it does for our body. These videos are also offered in Spanish, which can be useful for ESL students. After watching the video, you may choose to have the class take the quiz to see how much information they were able to grasp and understand. Activities are also provided, for example, the eye video’s activity involves a drawing of an eye that the student must label using a provided word bank. Each video also has a word find that can be used to introduce the vocabulary words to the students. The videos have a lot of information on the topics so it would best be used in the upper grade levels, especially 6th and above. This website can be a resource for specific research projects or if the student wants to explore deeper about body parts of interest.


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