Climate for Kids


This website is run by NASA and focuses on climate and its different parts. There are many tabs that revolve around different aspects of climate. The website is child friendly and may be a good resource for students to use to get more interaction with the topic and seem more interesting than text book work and worksheets. Each section includes games, facts, and videos about the topic. This particular website may be beneficial for students in lower elementary grades and possibly the higher levels as well.

This website is also very helpful for teachers. There is a section for teachers and how they can teach about each section on the website.  It gives experiment ideas, pictures and class projects.  The teacher can use this to his or her advantage when trying to come up with engaging activities for the students to complete. I think it would also be beneficial for the student to recommend to the students’ parents for them to go on the website for either a review or for a little extra help if the student isn’t fully understanding the particular lesson.


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