Why use a microscope?

This website was extremely helpful for one gaining knowledge of microscopes. Before using a microscope one must know the parts so they can use it correctly. Microscopes are used to look at something so you can see it bigger,smaller or in greater detail. There are several parts of a microscope. These parts are listed: tube, base, arm, stage, illuminator, nosepiece, objective lenses, back stop, condenser lens, and the iris. All these parts are essential when using a microscope because if you don’t use them correctly something can break, nonetheless you may not accomplish your goal and find what you are looking for. Most importantaly one must know they are going to look through the objective lens of the microscope to see what they would like. With this lens you can alter the magnifying to make the slide clearer.

In the classroom microscopes are used to look at living and non living things that cannot be clearly seen by the naked eye. Human, animal, and plant cells all can be looked at through the microscope. It’s important that we use microscopes in the classroom so we can educate ourselves on these topics that we can’t see by just looking at them.




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