Labeling a Microscope

The website, Brain Pop, can be used for a multitude of reasons. In this specific case it is used for identifying the parts of a microscope in a kid-friendly way. It gives you a virtual “tour” of a microscope and the different ways to set it up and look through it, whether it be through high or low magnification. At the end of the virtual tour and different sections of the microscope, students are invited to take a quiz to apply their new knowledge. I think this is a great tool for teachers to use in their classroom because it is a way to implement visual skills for learners who may learn best that way as well as is then accompanied by a quiz. While the quiz doesn’t necessarily have to count as a score, it is a good way to check in on the students progress. It is also an interactive site which is beneficial for all.

To visit the link, click here.


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