What are the Earth’s Layers?

In the article, “What are the Earth’s Layers,” Matt Williams discusses not only the history of the Earth and how it came to be, but also the layers that make up the Earth. Williams goes into depth about the theories developed over time including Continental Drift, Pangaea, and the shape, age, and composition of the planet. He discusses the layers of the Earth: crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, and inner core. He also talks about the distinct characteristics of each layer and its composition. The article is easy to read and understand for those who are not too familiar with the topic. As a teacher, the article also provides pictures,diagrams, and videos to illustrate the text, which is beneficial for visual learners, as there is a variety of learners within a classroom. The information in this resource is not enough to be a big idea, but rather a phenomenon or explanation of the big idea. This article is a useful resource for future educators as it gives a detailed explanation of the history of the Earth, as well as its composition, and can fit into multiple big science ideas.

Key Words: Earth, layers, history, Continental Drift, Earth history, crust, lower mantle, upper mantle, inner core, outer core, plate tectonics, composition.


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