Using Microscopes in the Classroom

The article “Using Microscopes in the Classroom” by Jennifer Sinsel, refers to common microscopes used in classrooms and the types of mistakes made by students. Students often make mistakes while using microscopes because they are not sure of what each part does. Compound microscopes are most often used in the classroom because they “allow viewing of individual cells” (Sinsel 2010). This is often the type of microorganisms students in early middle school years are learning about. Sinsel likes to have her students identify the parts they are observing and how each part contributes to the well-being of the microorganism. She then has her students share their findings with peers to generate construction conversations. Sinsel specifies that students should first know the proper usage for each part of a microscope before having the students create and monitor their own studies.

Sinsel, Jennifer. “Using Microscopes In The Classroom.” Lesson Planet. Education Planet Inc., 02 Feb. 2010. Web. 05 Feb. 2017. <;.


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