Interactive Website

Interactive Sites for Education is a website that covers an array of science topics. Each topic is comprised of mini sub topics that are a division of the subject area. This website can be used as an independent activity. Students can practice and use this website as a way of assessing their knowledge after learning about different topics through direct modeling and group instruction. This resource can be used to help students on different levels through differentiation. The different games and activities can be used based on different levels of understanding. For example when using Science Up Close: Heat Makes the Difference, students are given a description of what happens to solids, liquids, and gases, when they are put in contact with heat. This video is more of a tutorial and can be used to solidify a students understanding or provide them with a different way in which the information is being presented. For students who have grasped an understanding, they may try playing the game such as Changing the State. During this game the student first sees a visual for heating the ice and and the temperature that it will melt. This visual is followed by quiz questions to assess understanding. I find this website useful because of the wide variety of activities and topics. This resource is ideal for multiple science lessons. The students can use it as a visual assist, practice, assessment, or even as an introduction to a particular topic. The teacher can control which activities are used by individual students. I believe this is a website that all teachers should explore to help assist making learning fun and interactive.


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