Electricity for Kids


The source I found helps explain what electricity is, and helps children learn facts about atoms. At the bottom of the article there are links to other electricity subjects. Some of the subjects include electric circuits, electric current, magnetism, etc. The article: Electricity for Kids Info gives a lot of facts and key words about atoms, like electrons, protons, and neutrons. The site also gave diagrams about how we make electrons move to make electricity. The website had a lot of useful information, but was very wordy and isn’t kid friendly. This is a good resource for teachers to look at so they can have the required content knowledge for the lesson. The website also includes some activities for the students to do after a lesson. such as an electricity crossword puzzle, an electricity word search, and a quiz on electricity. I wish that the site gave possible ideas for hands on learning. Overall, this site has a lot of information about electricity, but isn’t written/formatted in an ideal way.


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