Open and Closed Circuits

National Geographic Circuits with Friends Activity

           This website is from National Geographic and is aimed towards helping students in grades 2nd to 5th.  The article helps show different activities for teachers to incorporate into their own classroom.  Each activity explains a different aspect of electric currents and circuits. The activities allow the students to move around and are not stagnant or just listening to the teacher talk about electricity.  The teacher will ask the students questions about the activities they are doing to allow for creative thinking. There are multiple tabs on the website to explain how to do each activity and how the activities cover appropriate objectives and standards. There is also a video on the website to help the teacher better understand how his or her lesson activity will unfold.

This website is beneficial for teachers to use because it not only give the teacher ideas on how to teach the lesson, but those ideas allow for students to move around and apply their content knowledge to the activity.  Allowing the students to do something, rather than just sit and listen to the teacher, allows the students to get a better understanding of the topic.  The website also is helpful for the teacher because it gives standards that the activities can cover, definitions, objectives, and how to prepare for the lesson. The website is extremely helpful for teachers to use when creating lessons, especially on topics that may seem difficulty or challenging.



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