Electricity: “Science World”

This website titled, http://electricity.scienceworld.ca, is an interactive resource for both teachers and students to use. The website is set up with different sections to make it very user-friendly. The sections include “Learn,” which is a great source to learn about the basics of electrical energy, and very practical applications of it in the world today, as well as, how it can potentially be used in the future. Another section is titled “Do,” and it has many resources on how to actually practice science, with links to what is going on in current events, and how to perform experiments that can be used in the classroom. The last section useful to teachers and students is “Play.” This includes fun, interactive games that all have to do with energy and electricity. This games can be a great way for students to practice concepts they have learned and can be a way for teachers to assess what students know and what they still need to work on. The website is extremely helpful for teachers to use in the classroom interactively with students, and can be a fun resource for students to turn to when they have questions.

Link: http://electricity.scienceworld.ca


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