Electricity and Magnetism Review Game

The attached Powerpoint is a jeopardy-style review game focusing on electricity and magnetism for grades three through sixth to participate in. Personally, I would use this tool in a third or fourth grade classroom, as it may be too easy for fifth or sixth graders. This review tool allows the students to be informally evaluated before a unit test is administered. The review game includes topics such as, static electricity, circuits, conductors, insulators, and magnets. The types of questions vary from multiple choice, open-ended, and fill in the blank. This review game also includes a category where a picture is shown to the students and they have to identify what it is or they have to draw a picture of something. For example, one of the picture questions shows an image of a circuit and asks the students whether it is open or closed. This category is especially helpful for visual learners and english language learners. Although, this review game is an excellent recap for all types of students. The game should be played as a whole class, although students should be given the opportunity to play the review game as a means to study at home. Finally, these Powerpoint slides are great for teachers because they are available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers, a website filled with thousands of free lessons, worksheets, and activities for teachers of all grades.



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