2016 Election: Scholastic

It’s crucial that our students are able to take what they learn in our classroom and apply it to the real world. We are lucky that we are in classrooms during an election year! Students can get information about it from various sources- TV and radio news outlets and their parents to name a few. As teachers, we want to ensure that they are able to make sense of this information and digest it properly. One way to inform our students about the election in the classroom is by utilizing the resources Scholastic has to offer. Scholastic has a website for teacher resources and teaching themes during the election. It also provides students with their own website of resources to take advantage of to understand the election. On the student website is an interactive game entitled The Electoral Challenge. The point of the game is to choose the states with the most electoral college votes and the first player to attain 270 votes wins and becomes “President”. These resources are beneficial for both student and teacher and cover an essential topic in history that students can be both knowledgeable about and a part of on their own level.


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