TeacherVision: Family History Project Printable

This great resource provides a template of an activity that can implemented into a heritage lesson. Underneath the link to the activity, it provides the unit of study book this activity was taken from. If you click the link that reads “view printable”, you are then brought to the actual PDF of the template you can use or use parts of to make your own activity. This activity is about the history of each student’s family heritage. The first page is simply a title page that reads, “History of the _____________ family”. Each student can insert their own last name to make this project about them personally and their differences compared to their classmates. The second page holds the actual activity. Basically what this activity is trying to do is map out the individual students’ family tree. There is a space for them to write their name, who their mother and father are, who both of there parents are/were and their last names (before marriage for the women in the family). Under the family tree, there is a list of four for the four last names that are included within the family tree. The very last sentence on the worksheet states, “There are four of you families. Which one(s) will you begin to research?” and provides a space for the student to choose. This activity can be used in a family heritage history lesson/ unit for grades 3-5.


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