States and Capitals Song

In the upper elementary grades, it is not uncommon for teachers to introduce and continue to review the fifty states and their capitals in social studies. In my fifth grade field placement, the students are learning to identify each of the state’s capitals, and their location on the map. At the same time, they are learning to group the states into the appropriate region of the country. Since I remember simply memorizing states and capitals as an elementary student, I wanted to search for unique ways to work with this material. One of the first things that came up in my search was this video- “The 50 States and Capitals Song” which was posted on YouTube by an account called Silly School Songs. Although this video may seem silly or pointless as it spits out the facts, I feel as though it can be added into the instruction about the states and capitals, or as a way to review particular regions and make it fun for students. Not only does the song match the state and capitals, they share bits of information about some of the states, reference their region, as well as their location in relation to other states. Since many students enjoy listening to music and watching videos in class, this could be used as a fun way to take a “brain break” while also refreshing their memory on recently learned material. Because it is a catchy song, it could also aid in memorization of the material, and help students remember more than they may have from just repeating the facts to themselves.


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