Science via YouTube

This blog post from an elementary teacher is a great resource for science teachers. Titled “9 YouTube Channels to Help You Teach Science” this blog post just does that and provides samples from each of the mentioned channels for teachers to preview. The reason why I chose to share this site was because I felt like it was something relatable for many pre-service teachers who observe science and are interested in building upon ways to teach the content. Tessa, the writer of this post and creator of the blog Tales from Outside the Classroom, mentions how she felt science would be more successful if she had effective ways of teaching it. A few of the examples from these channels include Bill Nye the Science Guy (A classic series where he teaches about many different science topics), ASAP Science (who provide visually appealing ways to help understand science processes), David Newman’s channel (who has songs linked to different areas of science), and Fun Science Demos (who offer demonstrations and relate specifically to the Next Generation Science Standards). Overall, I think saving this article would be beneficial for teachers who are looking for alternate ways to present/discuss/and explain science to elementary students. Even though science is meant to be hands-on and experimental, having students watch other people model activities or explain concepts could be just as effective in retaining information and growing curiosity in young scientists!


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