Scholastic: Exploring Family Heritage

This Scholastic webpage has many different links Educators can use in any grade ranging from preschool to eighth grade. This particular link has to do with exploring family heritage. This website provides different articles, lesson plans, and unit plans that teachers can use when necessary to plan for a lesson or activity centered around learning about family and individual heritage. The articles listed give lists of books that can be used, activities, resources, and different strategies the teacher can implement in a heritage lesson. The lesson plans and unit plans provide lessons based off of the history of a family heritage, celebrating your own/ others heritage, and creating an understanding that everyone has unique and different traditions and beliefs in the classroom. I find this website and the resources it provides to be extremely helpful because it is subject specific. It is important to keep in mind that not every single article, lesson plan and unit plan are designed from preschool to eighth grade. It is necessary to click on the link and read through to figure out the grade level. Some of the links provided the grade level range on the small description given under the link. Nonetheless, Scholastic has great information on teaching heritage as well as many other topics and subjects.


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