Myths of Christopher Columbus

I really liked this website because it was not like the normal website. This website talked about he myths of Christopher Columbus. I thought it was so interesting to learn about these myths because they are myths that I have heard as well. The first myth was that Columbus proved the “flat Earth” theory wrong. In reality, that the Earth is more or less spherical was not news in Columbus’s day. The question was size, shape and how much of it was covered by oceans. The second myth was that Columbus was Italian. But when Columbus lived, there was no such thing as an Italian; Italy did not exist until 1861. The best evidence suggests that the explorer was born in a village near Genoa, which is part of Italy today. A third myth was that Columbus was a successful businessman and a model leader. Had Columbus reached Asia, perhaps he’d have proved a keen entrepreneur. As it happened, he landed on Caribbean shores, in a densely populated region that was economically impenetrable for an Old World trader. I enjoyed this website because I did not know a lot of these myth and I was interesting to learn about them.


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