John Cabot

I liked this website on John Cabot because it was so easy to use that I did not have to look all over the page to find something. I also liked this website because it was just fun facts about this explorer for children. On top of having interesting facts, there was a useful video at the end to watch. John Cabot was an Italian born explorer who became the second European (After Columbus) to find North America while searching for a westerly route to Asia. He explored the east coast of Canada and, having been commissioned by the Tudor King Henry VII, claimed the land for England. His death remains the subject of speculation. John Cabot was born ‘Giovanni Caboto’, sometime around 1450 in Genoa Italy, to Giulio Caboto a spice merchant. The name Caboto is translated as ‘coastal trader’. In 1476, having lived in Venice for fifteen years, he was granted Venetian citizenship. This allowed him to trade around the Mediterranean Sea. On 2nd May 1497 he sailed from Bristol aboard his fifty ton ship, the Matthew. He planned to sail west across the Atlantic and find a route to China and the Indies.


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