Internet4Classrooms: Electricity Science in an Elementary School

This great resource website can be effectively used in any elementary school grade level. This website lists all the links Internet4Classrooms has found on the web in regards to Electricity. This website lists links to quizzes, lesson plans, informational sites, interactive games, links to other lists of resources, experiments, animated guides, videos, and standards for grades kindergarten to eighth grade. This website is a great tool for teachers because it provides engaging and relevant elements that can be implemented into a lesson about electricity. I think it is also a nice touch that the website provides a date that all of the links were verified. On this particular webpage, the last time it was verified was December 29th, 2015—not very long ago which means it is most likely that all of these sites are up and running. This website is very reliable and helpful as it provides an array of different lesson elements that teachers can use in the classroom.


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