Henry Hudson

I found this website useful because of have user friendly it is and how interactive the website is. Henry Hudson’s early life, but it is known that he studied navigation and became extremely knowledgeable about the geography of Arctic regions. Hudson was born in 1565 and died in 1611. He had three sons and was married by 1607. One of his sons travelled on all of his voyages with him. Hudson received funding in order to find a passage free from ice to the North Pole. This path was thought to have been a shorter route to Asia. He made three attempts before succeeding in finding what is now the Hudson River. This discovery allowed trade to expand throughout North America. The website was set up as a time line to show how his voyages went. I liked that I was able to follow his journey as an explorer through the website.http://www.ducksters.com/biography/explorers/henry_hudson.php


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