Happy Charting! (Write Like A Scientist)

I absolutely love this article that I found through Pinterest about charting! In most classrooms, you can clearly see many teacher-made charts during mini-lessons from writing, reading and math. From my experiences, I’ve noticed that not many of these teacher charts are made during science class, which is why this article was pretty exciting. The root of this article was the idea that students typically write in a narrative style, and not so much in a scientific way which is hoped of them toward the end of the school year. Through this reading, I learned how it’s possible to use charting in science to influence students to not only think and work through problems as scientists, but to record their data and analyze results through writing that is scientific. The sample chart included in this article is definitely something that elementary teachers could recreate in their science class to help students expand their abilities when working on this topic- it includes how to ask and answer questions, describe properties, label scientific parts, and include diagrams to show different things. In order to keep the students thinking and involved in active learning, a chart of this type could be created in collaboration with the students, who could suggest ideas and reflect on how to do each of these tasks. Aside from using this as inspiration for instruction, I love that this article described charting in a less-common way (for science purposes) and as a way to demonstrate a “clear vision of what is possible.”


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