Google Art & Culture: Henry Hudson

The Google Arts & Culture is a wonderful online tool that allows anyone to explore Art, History, and Wonders all across the globe! It allows students to see places and view exhibits that are impossible to due to distance or time. As a teacher, it makes it easier to incorporate art into the content in a variety of ways. One example would be with an explorer, Henry Hudson. His voyage inspired art to be created that depicts the Hudson Rider and Hudson Valley area. Viewing it gives students a better idea of what this area looks like and even more so when they are able to see the first pieces of art versus the most recent created in the area. Hudson River Art can be found by clicking this link. Included next to each painting is the date, artist, location, where it can be found today, as well as a description. Using a tool like this is a great way to incorporate art into various content areas. Explore Google Arts & Culture here!


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