Looking Deeper into Explorers

Of the explorers in the Age of Exploration, 8 explorers had an impact.  While all eight claimed land and half changed maps they did more then their fair share.  The most known explorer is Christopher Columbus and he impacted the world by mistreated natives along with Ponce de Leon and Cortes. Cartier and La Salle established a settlement. Coronado killed natives and spread Christianity.

With the same 8 explorers they were also sponsored by either Spain, England, France or Holland. These countries sponsored them on their route to their destination. The route of Columbus was Spain to Caribbean. Cabot was England to Canada. Ponce de Leon was Puerto Rico to Florida. Cortes was Cuba to Mexico. Cartier was France to Canada. Coronado was Mexico to Southwest USA. Hudson first route was Holland to New York and England to Canada. Lastly, La Salle was Canada down Mississippi River to Louisiana.


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