What is globalization?

By clicking on this link, you will be led to a Youtube video titled, “What is globalization?” Although this is a brief two-minute segment, I believe it could be used in a few different ways in the classroom. First, considering its short length, the video could be played as an introduction to the concept of Globalization. Since it briefly brings up various points such as creating goods in multiple countries, money, and trade, students could be provided a preview of what terms and ideas encompass the whole concept of globalization. In contrast, the video could also potentially be used as a wrap-up or exit activity, either for a single day in class, or at the conclusion of an actual globalization unit. Students can watch to pick up on something that they have previously learned and was then confirmed in the video, or something new that they have heard and are eager to hear more about or ask a question on. I feel that videos are a great way to engage students in learning because it provides a visual for them to understand new ideas, while also providing a short break from reading out of a book or off of a worksheet. The material also seems appropriate to share in upper elementary school, so fourth or fifth graders wouldn’t have too much difficulty in staying engaged with this video.


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