If you are teaching a social studies lesson to 6th graders you can use a game on On this website it explains a game you can have your class play. However, you can also differentiate it for 5th graders. If you just want them to learn the basics about what interdependence is, and how it works, you can play the game differently. On this website it gives you directions to the game and trading cards to print. Basically the students will trade trading cards that have different exports. The point of the game is to trade cards in exchange for other resources. You can split the kids up into different groups, and assign them to different countries. By the end of the game the objective you want them to learn, is that we all depend on each other for different things. The children will realize that when “China” for example, trades oil for gold with the “United States,” that they depend on the US for gold and the US depends on china for oil.



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