Immigration & Globalization: Ellis Island

This website gives a virtual tour of Ellis Island; the main page of the tour gives information about Ellis Island and its history. The tour has multiple spots that talk about each stop in the immigration process on the island. Each stop has an explanation about each part, as well as a diagram that tells the class where they are in each part of the journey. Each page has fun facts about each part as well as different tabs that have include story, photos, audio, and video for more information about each phase of immigration into the United States. This is a great way to teach students about globalization and immigration into our own country, since immigration to the United States was very popular. Also, because of the multiple platforms (story, photos, video, audio) students can learn not only through reading about the place, but also by seeing and hearing as well. These types of platforms reach more students who cannot just learn through words and other means. This website would be a great tool in teaching immigration into the US.


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