Age of Exploration Choice Board

Although this was originally on the site Teachers Pay Teachers, I found a sample of the “Age of Exploration” choice board on Google for teachers to view. Since the TPT site requires teachers to pay a small fee to utilize different teacher-created resources, I figure that elementary teachers could use this image and idea as a recommendation for  something to create for their own classroom use. On the Age of Exploration Choice Board, there are 9 boxes that each name a different task or activity that students can participate in as part of this unit. While 4th or 5th graders learn about globalization and related events, this could be a clever way to engage students in active learning. Instead of lecturing to students and providing simple timelines about how and when things happen, offering assignments such as the ones on this board help students not only apply their knowledge on the topic, but expand their thinking by tying in their own prior knowledge and creativity while working on new projects. A few examples of tasks from a board of this type board include drawing a picture of the slaves Middle Passage experience, writing a song or poem, and creating comic strips about different events.


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