BrainPop: Christopher Columbus

This BrainPop video gives fourth grade students a more specific look into one of the most important explorers of all time. Tim and Moby discuss how Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World included convincing wealthy royals to fund his journey, confusion (due to the fact that when he landed in the Caribbean Sea, he mistook it for India), and claiming of land. Tim and Moby also explain to viewers that Columbus is responsible for opening up North America to the rest of Europe as new land to explore and colonize. The video also discusses how Columbus’ exploration opened more trading between two lands. These two lands traded culture, people, ideas, plants, animals and unfortunately diseases. Overall, this video gives more details and specifics of Christopher Columbus and more specifically the Columbian Exchange. Students can also take an informal quiz to evaluate their understanding of the video; this can be taken as a class or individually.



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