PBS World Explorers

      This website contains great videos to show to upper elementary students about the great explorers around the world. For example, they have videos about Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, and Juan Ponce de Leon, the three well known explorers that have sought out a western route to the riches in India and China. These videos contain basic information about the explorers, why they had gone into these voyages with specific dates, and the different impacts their journeys have made in the current society today. For example, Juan Ponce de Leon naming the modern-day Florida, La Florida when he first discovered the land and how John Cabot bringing back Cod fish had helped England to dominate the Cod fish industries. What is notable about these videos are that they contain critical information in a short 5-minute span, ensuring all students to give their full attention. Not only that, these videos can be used to teach a variety of learners because it has a CC button available, for students that may need visual captions because of their hearing impairments. Also, they have the videos available in Spanish, allowing ELL learners with Spanish as their first language to learn from the videos. PBS World Explorers is a great website that teachers can use to introduce a lesson on explorers and their voyages around the world.


Christopher Columbus: http://nj.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/58b6bd78-c924-4d32-b48d-d9590b862ff5/columbus-pbs-world-explorers/

John Cabot: http://nj.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/john-cabot-pbs-world-explorers/john-cabot-pbs-world-explorers/

Juan Ponce de Leon: http://nj.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/ponce-de-leon-pbs-explorers/ponce-de-leon-pbs-explorers/



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