This article talks about Pangaea and has many facts that can be used in a lesson beginning geography and continents.  About 300 million years ago, the Earth had one huge continent called Pangaea which was surrounded by one ocean which was called Panthalassa.  Over the course of the years, plate tectonics, and churning and circulation in the Earth’s mantle broke up the supercontinent into smaller ones.  The first and most obvious sign that there once was large continent was that the continents fit together like puzzle pieces.  Another sign was that coal deposits in Pennsylvania have a similar composition to the coal deposits in Poland, Great Britain, and Germany from the same time period.  The article then goes on to talk about the future of the continents and how they will continue to change.  For example, Australia is slowly moving towards Asia and the eastern part of Africa is slowing peeling off from the rest of its continent.


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