Immigration in the USA

This article  lays out a timeline of immigration in the United States and explains why many people immigrated to the United States.  Some people immigrated to the United States for an economic opportunity.  Moving to North America, gave people the promise of cheap land.  Many farmer, fishermen, tradesmen, shipbuilders, and craftsmen never had trouble finding work in their new land.  Another reason others moved to the US was for religious freedom.  There was no state religion or external intervention they were able to be free within their religion and live the way they wanted to.  This contributed to the numerous religions found in the US today.  By 1790, The Naturalization Act was put into place to try to control immigration.  Naturalization was limited to immigrants who were free white people who lived in the US for two years, therefore, this excluded free African Americans, indentured servants, and slaves.  By 1880 there was a third wave of immigration in the US.  Advances in technology made it easier for people to travel to the US, for example, they now traveled by steam-powered ocean liners.  The fourth and last wave of immigration was from 1930-1965.  This is when many European immigrants came over but the US was also more opened to immigrants from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and Souther American to legally and illegally come to the US.


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