The Magic School Bus Gets Charged

    The Magic School Bus is a wonderful series for students to get introduced to a confusing science topic that can be hard to approach. Scientific terms are not simplified down, but it is used in a way that allows kids to get familiar with them. It is used repeatedly, made connections to, and given examples to make the term friendlier. For example, in this episode, the students are learning about electricity and circuits. They make their way into a wire that has electric charges flowing through. They make connections such as, “electric charges are flowing down, as if we would follow the river current on a tube. That is why it’s called an electric current!” and “It’s just like a drawbridge. When the drawbridge goes up, there is traffic because cars can’t go through. Electric charges stop because the circuits are disconnected!” The Magic School Bus Gets Charged episode is a quick and memorable way of teaching students about electric circuits.



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