Microscopes in the Classroom/Funky Fungus Activity

I recommend this site as a resource for science teachers in third through fifth, as I feel the teacher who wrote this article was very helpful in providing some teaching tips, and activities to try. First, she provides insight on how she guides her class through learning about the parts of a microscope. By having students explain the meaning themselves, I feel as though a better understanding is formed. After going through each of the parts and utilizing a worksheet similar to the one provided, students will have an easier time physically working with the equipment, so that they are not confused or at a risk of breaking the microscopes, as many may do if they jump right into their first lab/experiment. In a related lesson involving microscopes, I feel as though it would be a wonderful learning opportunity for students to create their own specimen to study, such as in the “Funky Fungus” lesson. In actively being a part of the lesson from the creation at the beginning, through observing the results a the end, students can truly feel like scientists and gain ownership for their knowledge and experience. I would love to try something similar to this with my own upper-elementary students!


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