Interactive Sites for Education: Electricity and Energy

This interactive website can be effectively used in a fourth or fifth grade classroom to help students gain a better understanding of the basics of electricity. Since electricity is going to be introduced in these grade levels in more depth, it is important that the students are able to understand as well as demonstrate their learning. The content found in this resource can easily serve as a reinforcement of the subject matter (after it has already been taught) as there are numerous interactive games and activities that explore circuits, batteries, conductors, etc. The page itself provides many different links to games/ interactive activities that are related to electricity and/or energy that are out there on the web for fourth and fifth grade students. Each game or activity is accompanied by written word explanations and examples as well as interactive tasks that students can get involved in. What I really like about some of these links is that it allows students to conduct experiments of their own. Problem solving and experimentation are key components in learning science and is exemplified through many of these interactive activities. I strongly believe that these types of websites are beneficial to the learning student because it gives them the opportunity to have fun while still learning/reinforcing important information. This webpage in particular is helpful for teacher because it compiles all interactive websites available on the web in one easy to access page.


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