TED-Ed: The Science of Static Electricity

This website is yet another amazing tool for teachers to reference when learning, and teaching about static electricity. For those teachers who do not feel comfortable teaching this topic to their students, this site offers a great, easy-to-follow explanation of the essential key points to know. To begin, teachers can watch the 3 ½ minute video clip, explaining what static electricity is, how it is created and why it occurs; three crucial questions teachers should comprehend before teaching a lesson. Also, this website offers additional references including both multiple choice and open ended questions, outside credited resources and a guided discussion teachers can easily join. After browsing through this website and its resources, I believe this is a great tool for all teachers to use if they want to consider themselves knowledgeable about static electricity for their science lesson. The more comfortable teachers are discussing various topics, the more relaxed students are. This website is perfect for all teachers who want to know more about static electricity. Overall, the website is extremely easy to maneuver and can serve as a valuable asset in any grade level science classroom!


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